About The Floating Mummy

The Floating Mummy was born seven months after the baby that made me a Mummy, and two and a half years after I’d begun Floating around the inland waterways of southern England.

The blog follows the various (mis)adventures of my small and rather grubby family’s journey on the calm, well-chartered waters of the canal, and the vast, hitherto unexplored oceans of motherhood.

It also acts as a handy place to point people I meet in real life, who have approximately 60000 questions about the logistics, health and safety conundrums, and (perceived) insanity of raising a baby on a boat, with no fixed mooring.

If you are here because I handed you a card with the URL – I’m sorry my baby ate your baby’s sock, and I was too busy fishing it out of his mouth to answer your questions. I’m also sorry about all the swearing.

Thanks for stopping by – (and sorry about the soggy sock) –